Digitapes Holding Services

In this article we’re going to implement a very basic holding service, as of the design today (3rd June ‘24). We know what a digitape looks like from the digitapes-model article, so we’ll start by looking at what a holding service needs to do and how it can do it. At the basic level, a holding service will need to: List tapes that are available Import and Export tapes (to transfer data to other holding services) Create a new tape Edit the metadata on a tape Add or remove media to a tape Things that could be part of a holding service, in addition could be:

Digitapes: What is a "tape" ?

Let’s take a moment to look at what’s at the core of digitapes anyway: the tape itself. A “tape” in digitapes parlance is a collection of media objects and the metadata that describes that media collection. Because we want digitapes to be open and free, it should not require work to be accessed for the owner of that data. In the simplest case it is just a folder of media files and a json file describing some contents.
Digitapes Overview

Digitapes Overview

I want digitapes to be an open, robust, not-for-profit and long lasting solution for cherished memories and montages in the modern age.

Taking photos and videos with our mobile devices has become the standard way that we capture moments that bring us joy. These should be able to be collected and shared without ultierior or a profit motive.

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